SPIRO® CARD – Electromagnetic Filter for Mobile Phones

The SPIRO® CARD is a product designed to act as an electromagnetic filtering system for the pollution generated by the latest generation of mobile phones, as well as for emissions from Bluetooth of smart devices.

This product contains a metal alloy of nanocomposites with 3 circular films coated in recycled and cured plastic, focusing on the natural properties of gold nanoparticles. Its design and formulation have been patented and tested in specialized laboratories, proving its effectiveness. Therefore, we can ensure its maximum durability and moderate water resistance. To date, continuous testing over 8 years has confirmed its efficacy.

The SPIRO® CARD operates on a principle of applied nanomagnetism, which induces the generation of a SPIRO field that, when interacting with non-native radiations, filters the generated pollution by transforming and organizing the quantum noise or disturbance, neutralizing the harmful effects of these radiations.

Recommended Uses

The SPIRO® CARD is designed to be used permanently in the phone case. The idea is that the SPIRO® CARD is always in contact with the electronic device. This ensures constant filtering of all the electromagnetic pollution that the device may generate.


  • Wellness Improvement: Biophysical tests of heart rate variability (HRV) in individuals with electromagnetic hypersensitivity conducted by independent institutes have repeatedly proven that the fixed use of the SPIRO® CARD on mobile phones neutralizes harmful cardiovascular and nervous effects associated with the device, improving stress biomarkers.

  • Electronic Compatibility (EMC): OTA (Over The Air) laboratory tests and mobile signal performance tests have proven that the SPIRO® CARD does not interfere with the operation of the electronic device and its interaction with other devices, maintaining its connectivity and prolonging its useful life.

  • Energy Efficiency: Technical analysis of 4G and 5G phones show that the permanent use of the SPIRO® CARDfixed to the phone optimizes battery performance, prolonging its useful life.

  • Emission Peak Reduction: SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) laboratory analysis tests conducted on mobile phones have shown that the use of the SPIRO® CARD on the device leads to an optimization in its operation, showing significant reductions in SAR emission peaks by up to 91%.



Additional information

Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 3.5 × 0.3 × 3.5 in

Black, SPIRO® Blue, White