SPIRO® DISC PRO – Advanced Electromagnetic Filter for High-EMF Exposure Spaces

The SPIRO® DISC PRO is an advanced electromagnetic filtering system designed to provide effective protection against electromagnetic pollution in high-EMF exposure environments. This device is ideal for large spaces where multiple sources of electromagnetic emissions are concentrated, offering extended coverage and high-capacity filtration to mitigate the negative effects of high and low-frequency emissions generated by electronic devices, high-power routers, and electrical panels.

This product contains an alloy of nanocomposite metals in 57 circular films coated with recycled and cured plastic, focusing on the natural properties of gold nanoparticles. Its patented design and formulation have been tested in specialized laboratories, demonstrating its efficacy. Therefore, we can ensure its maximum durability and moderate water resistance. To date, continuous testing over 8 years has confirmed its effectiveness.

The SPIRO® DISC PRO operates on the principle of applied nanomagnetism, which induces the generation of a SPIRO field that, by interacting with non-native radiations, filters the pollution by transforming and organizing the disturbance or quantum noise, neutralizing the harmful effects of these radiations.

Recommended Uses:

The SPIRO® DISC PRO is designed for constant use in high-EMF exposure environments or areas with multiple high-consumption appliances. It is ideal for placement in areas with a high density of electronic devices, such as offices, homes with multiple devices, kitchens, and zones with high technological activity.

Its superior filtering power provides an advanced SPIRO field (high-prevalence applied nanomagnetism), making it an excellent choice for people suffering from insomnia. The significant filtering capacity of the SPIRO® DISC PRO can shorten the recovery process of sleep hygiene when used in the sleeping area, either under the pillow or on the bedside table.

Additionally, the SPIRO® DISC PRO has successfully demonstrated its capacity to filter electrosmog in cases of exposure to electric vehicles (EVs), home inverters (solar panel systems), and central electrical panels, providing advanced protection and ensuring an electromagnetically balanced environment.


  • Improved Living and Working Environment Quality: Placing the SPIRO® DISC PRO in high-electrosmog exposure areas ensures electromagnetic hygiene of the wireless signals present, improving the quality of the environment, increasing productivity, and enhancing the well-being of people at home and work.
  • Stress Reduction and Enhanced Focus: Independent studies conducted with the SPIRO® DISC PRO on individuals with electrosensitivity in high-exposure areas have shown to be effective in neutralizing all symptoms and signs of EHS within an average of 27 days from the incorporation of the product into the space. From day 3, there has been a noticeable progressive improvement in stress biomarkers, with the most significant being cardiac and respiratory coherence, contributing to stress reduction and improved focus and concentration in high-tech demand environments.
  • Water Structuring: The SPIRO® DISC PRO can structure up to 30 liters of water, enhancing its quality and facilitating better hydration. Structured water helps eliminate toxins and improves cellular function, which is beneficial for both human health and the efficient maintenance of industrial machinery.
  • Electronic Compatibility (EMC): Specialized laboratory tests have demonstrated that the SPIRO® DISC PRO does not interfere with the functioning of electronic devices, maintaining their connectivity and prolonging their lifespan. This ensures that devices continue to operate optimally while reducing exposure to harmful electromagnetic radiation.


Additional information

Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 7.75 × 0.9 × 7.75 in

SPIRO® Blue, White