In this section, you will discover our innovative technology, the science behind our patented formula, and how we harness the power of gold nanoparticles and quantum field generation to offer superior protection against electromagnetic fields. Dive into our story and learn how our advanced solutions provide a safer and more balanced environment for you and your loved ones.

Filter, Don't Block – Enhance Your Wellness

Spin Radiation Organizer (SPIRO)

To grasp the effectiveness and significance of Spin Radiation Organizer Technology (SPIRO®) in managing disturbed radiation (EMFs or electrosmog), it’s crucial to first understand the origin of the electromagnetic issue, which does not stem from the intensity or amplitude of the waves. While these factors contribute to the level of pollution in an environment, they are not the root cause of the problem. It is important to recognize that electromagnetic fields (EMFs) are not inherently harmful; in fact, we evolved as biological systems immersed in beneficial EMFs from natural sources. Our bodies operate electrically, and the functioning of each cell in the human body involves an exchange of electrical and magnetic charges.


Our heart generates electrical pulses, our brain functions through electrical signals, and our nervous system operates similarly. In medicine, parameters to assess the health or illness of a human body often involve tests that analyze the electrical activity of our heart, such as the electrocardiogram (EKG), and of our brain, as seen in electroencephalograms (EEG). Additionally, studies like the magnetoencephalogram (MEG) evaluate brain activity through magnetic analysis. In summary, the health of all biological systems is closely linked to the behavior of electromagnetic fields (EMFs).

EMFs are part of the spectrum of radiation, specifically falling into the category of non-ionizing radiation. The term ‘radiation’ is often misunderstood and incorrectly associated with danger or harm. Simply put, radiation is the propagation of electromagnetic energy through space. It can be ionizing or non-ionizing and may come from natural or artificial sources.

Electromagnetic radiation from artificial sources is also non-ionizing and was, for decades, mistakenly believed to be harmless to biological systems. However, a vast body of scientific evidence now demonstrates that this disturbed radiation, when artificially polarized and emanating from man-made sources, typically produces adverse effects on biological systems, the environment, and even technological devices. Such radiation can damage electronic circuits in computers and reduce the lifespan of electronic devices. The effects on the human body, as well as on pets, plants, bees, and more, are similar.

This results in an abnormal propagation pattern of radiation and the accumulation of parasitic interferences in the environment. Combined with the electrical transmission network in buildings — flawed by interferences that flow in the electrical wiring as a result of the alternating current (AC) — and static problems due to improperly installed and grounded systems in the building, these factors create the phenomenon called electrosmog or electro-pollution.

The electromagnetic problem lies in the fundamental disturbance created by the artificial polarization of electromagnetic waves when they are modulated for the transmission of messages in telecommunications.

The Artificial Polarization of the Waves is the Problem


The approach of shielding to block electromagnetic (EM) waves is neither a suitable nor recommended method for managing electrosmog. Although blocking EM waves might seem like a straightforward solution to reduce exposure and potential health risks, this method can lead to unintended consequences that may worsen the problem.

A significant issue with shielding is that it can increase interference in the surrounding area. When EM waves are blocked or absorbed by shielding materials, it can create ‘dead zones’ where signal strength is significantly reduced or entirely lost. This reduction can cause problems with communication and connectivity, as well as affect the operation of electronic devices that depend on EM waves. Additionally, when signal propagation is hindered, telecommunications devices might need to work harder and emit more radiation to compensate for the loss in signal strength.

Moreover, the natural flow of EM waves is essential for maintaining homeostasis in the human body. Our bodies utilize EM waves to regulate various physiological processes, including the functions of the nervous system, endocrine system, and immune system. Blocking or disrupting these waves can negatively impact our health and well-being.

In conclusion, while shielding may seem like a simple and effective solution to controlling electrosmog, it can actually increase interference and disrupt the natural flow of EM waves in the body. It is not a recommended approach for addressing this issue

The Science Behind the SPIRO® Material

In June 2012, it was news that scientists from JASRI (Japan Synchrotron Radiation Research Institute), in cooperation with the Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (JAIST) and other institutions, revealed a new magnetic property of the well-known metal gold (Au)⁵. The implications of this discovery were hugely important and shed light on the research that NOXTAK’s founder had been carrying out, as it promised to be a viable application for the problem of artificial polarization in electromagnetic waves for telecommunications and alternating current (AC).

Conventionally, up to that time, gold (Au) had been understood to be a diamagnetic material and was not considered to have strong magnetism, meaning that it can not act as a magnet on its own. However, the results of the studies carried out by the scientists mentioned above, observed other properties when gold (Au) was manufactured in the form of nanoparticles, noting that it had a strong magnetism, which drew attention from both academic and practical points of view.

This is how the NOXTAK research project concluded that if natural properties of great magnetism in the nanometric dimension could be exploited stably without transferring said property to the macroscopic dimension, then it could be a viable application to solve the fundamental problem of artificial polarization of the particles’ spins in the electromagnetic radiation without affecting the trajectory of fields or interfering in any way with telecommunications. In this way, the NOXTAK project ventured into Applied Nanomagnetism, a branch of Nanotechnology.

Nanotechnology is the term given to those areas of science and engineering where phenomena that take place on the nanometer scale (below 100 nm) are used in the design, characterization, production, and application of materials, structures, devices, and systems. A nanometer is one billionth of a meter: ten times the diameter of a hydrogen atom. The diameter of a human hair is, on average, 80,000 nanometers.

Particles on the nanometer scale, referred to as nanoparticles, have ushered in a series of significant breakthroughs in materials science and their diverse applications. One notable application takes advantage of the magnetic properties of these particles, an area known as Nanomagnetism. This field thrives on nanoscale effects, which often result from the reduced size of materials or their surface-dominated behaviors. A surprising development in this field is the discovery of magnetic properties in materials that are diamagnetic (non-magnetic) in their bulk form. This behavior has been observed in metal oxide nanoparticles, nanocrystalline films, and even in typically paramagnetic and diamagnetic metal nanostructures.

Building on these principles, our research group ventured into this branch of science to develop what is now the patented NOXTAK technology, also known as SPIRO®. SPIRO® is a nanocomposite material crafted by leveraging contemporary scientific insights into the extraordinary properties of nanoparticles of gold (Au) and other metals. These properties have been consistently validated in multiple scientific studies, focusing on their behavior at the nanoscale. This led to the creation of a formulation with stable ferromagnetic nanoparticles that reorganize the polarity of interacting particles, inducing an organization of radiation spins—a process central to SPIRO® technology (Spin Radiation Organizer).

Our technology acts as a passive filter for electromagnetic waves, neutralizing interference and enhancing the radiation propagation pattern in EMF emissions to be more compatible with our bioelectrical system. Without SPIRO®, our cells and biological systems are vulnerable to constant disturbance from artificially polarized electromagnetic waves. Scientific studies have linked EMF pollution to oxidative stress in the human body, which is associated with premature aging and over 75 health conditions. By employing SPIRO® technology, your cells are protected from these adverse effects, leading to improved heart rate variability, brain activity, and nervous system function. Many users report noticeable improvements in sleep quality, concentration, and anxiety levels within the first month of using our products.

Case studies indicate significant biological responses when all SPIRO® Solution products are used together, effectively filtering every source of electrosmog an individual encounters. With technology constantly advancing and evolving, it is challenging to avoid this invisible pollutant and its detrimental effects on humans, biological systems, and technology itself. SPIRO® was designed to filter all sources of pollution across different frequencies and to cover extensive areas affected by disturbed radiation, transforming these spaces into clean and human-friendly environments.



SPIRO® (Spin Radiation Organizer Technology) is a nanocomposite material designed to effectively protect against electro-pollution. It operates through nanomagnetism, utilizing the principle of passive filtering. Electromagnetic radiation, one of the four fundamental forces of the universe, is essential for life, sustaining all living beings through the powerful radiation from the sun. Similarly, the Earth’s magnetic field is vital for our survival, providing natural electromagnetic radiation. However, man-made radiation behaves disorderly, deviating from its natural state. SPIRO® addresses this by filtering out the disorder and restoring particles to their natural polarization, thus neutralizing disturbances in radiation. This technology promotes the natural organization of the spins of particles that interact with SPIRO®, replicating the behavior of natural electromagnetic fields at a fundamental level. Instead of blocking radiation, which is an incomplete approach that can lead to more interference, SPIRO® filters electrosmog, ensuring a balanced and harmonious environment.


The air we breathe, if it is polluted, must be filtered
The water we drink, if it is polluted, must be filtered
The same happens with Electropollution, must be filtered

The future of EMF control will consist of a natural interference filtering approach. Electromagnetic interference (EMI) becomes more subtle over time, and the blocking approach becomes impossible in wirelessly connected environments. Therefore, mobile phone emissions and telecommunication antennas require a comprehensive approach to passive filtering. Additionally, the increasing electrification in modern homes, along with inadequate lighting systems that pollute homes and offices with artificial light, necessitates a filtering solution. Active filtering of interference in wiring (harmonics and transients) eliminates dirty electricity, while the conscious use of warm lights and proper lighting at appropriate times, combined with natural light access, ensures correct electromagnetic hygiene. In this sense, SPIRO® is the only solution that, instead of blocking electromagnetic radiation, filters it, allowing people to peacefully coexist with this type of radiation. It eliminates distortion for plants, environments, animals, and species in general, while also improving the quality of wireless signals and the performance and durability of devices.

Our Solution: 


The SPIRO® Solution enables us to coexist with disturbed radiation (artificially polarized). NOXTAK® products incorporate SPIRO® (Spin Radiation Organizer) technology, which fundamentally consists of films embedded with specific metals at the nanometric scale. These metals collectively exhibit a magnetic order that promotes an organized state in any particles the material encounters. The nanomagnetic properties of these films induce natural polarization responses in the fundamental particles they interact with, effectively reducing the entropy carried by non-ionizing radiation from artificial sources. This reduction manifests as spin-orbit interaction (SOI) and coherent domains of low entropy with high stability in their domain walls (Bloch walls). Consequently, these emissions become compatible with the body’s bioelectric system, supporting healthy electromagnetic interactions at the cellular level.

Each SPIRO® product is designed to filter a specific level and type of electromagnetic radiation emission. With unique formulations of SPIRO® material inside, our products offer the range of action and filtering power necessary to manage radiation associated with specific devices, emissions, and spaces. The more SPIRO® films a product contains, the greater the action range and filtering potency. As each of our products is designed for specific types of emissions and potencies, we recommend using the solutions properly together.

Importantly, the role of SPIRO® is not to block the path of electromagnetic waves, but rather to filter out disturbances, thereby reducing entropy without altering the trajectory or destination of the radiation. Studies have shown that the impact of SPIRO® material on microwaves can be observed as an improvement in the radiation propagation pattern of telecommunications equipment. This phenomenon enables the fundamental particles, which carry an artificial polarization, to adopt their natural magnetic moments and form domains that align with the natural magnetic order similar to that of the SPIRO® material. Thus, SPIRO® acts as a passive filter for these particles in artificial EMF emissions, guiding them to assume their natural order. This process effectively reduces the disorder associated with the disturbing effects of electromagnetic pollution.



Objectives: This study aimed to demonstrate the beneficial effect of Noxtak electromagnetic protection technology on human psychophysiology.

Design: An open, randomized, placebo-controlled trials for 30 days. Participants were measured initially, randomly divided into two groups (experimental and control), and measured 30 days later after using Noxtak technology in the experimental group and placebo in the control group.

Subjects: 50 healthy athletes, age 14-25 years, men and women, randomly divided into two groups of 25 people. Randomization was based on the principle of random numbers. The ethics committee of the Federal State Budget Institution “Saint-Petersburg ScientificResearch Institute for Physical Culture,” St. Petersburg, Russia, approved the study protocol. All participants signed an informed consent form, where a written and oral explanation of the research protocol was provided.

Outcome measures: psychological testing, rhythmocardiography, biofield parameters analysis.
Results: Participants using Noxtak electromagnetic protection for 30 days demonstrated positive changes in psychophysiology parameters, experienced growth in aerobic capacity, physical performance, energy potential, and their bodies’ adaptive reserves, while physiological parameters of athletes using placebo did not change or worsened.

Conclusions: Participants using Noxtak technology for 30 days demonstrated improvement of psychophysiological parameters and sleep quality, which may be related with the protection effect from electromagnetic radiation.

The use of SPIRO® fosters the recovery of the body’s bioelectrical system, enhancing the function and healthy communication of our cells. This improvement occurs as the electrical potential in the cell membrane stabilizes, preventing the abnormal opening of voltage-gated ion channels. The detoxification and cell restoration process is gradual, and the time it takes for recovery varies depending on the individual. The most significant results are observed in those who also take steps to mitigate other environmental toxins, such as indoor air quality, CO₂ levels, humidity, and exposure to toxic chemicals.

In a clinical study involving 50 subjects who used the SPIRO® DISC and SPIRO® CARD on their mobile phones, significant improvements in health biomarkers were noted after 30 days of use. Notably, enhancements were seen in sleep quality, heart rate variability, and stress markers. All participants in the experimental group reported gains in physical and sports performance, whereas the control group (using a placebo) experienced no such improvements.

SPIRO® is effective in alleviating common symptoms and signs associated with various diseases that may have multiple causes. The frequency and severity of these symptoms in individuals are often exacerbated by electromagnetic pollution. SPIRO® is also a proven solution for individuals suffering from electrostress or electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS). Its efficacy has been validated through multiple case studies, demonstrating a significant reduction in the symptoms and signs of EHS over a period of 45 to 60 days. The time required for improvement varies based on individual factors such as genetics, diet, and exposure to environmental toxins.



Abstract: This study examines the prevalence and effects of electrohypersensitivity (EHS) in a sample of 357 patients for 5 years, from 2014 to 2018. EHS, also known as electromagnetic sensitivity, is a condition characterized by a range of physical and psychological symptoms attributed to exposure to electromagnetic radiation. Using a survey consisting of 29 common EHS symptoms and additional questions about lifestyle and device usage, researchers identified six levels of EHS severity: initial electro-stress, medium electro-stress, advanced electro-stress, initial EHS, medium EHS, and advanced EHS. Results showed that the most common symptoms were fatigue, difficulty concentrating, and sleep disturbances. The study also found that certain types of electromagnetic radiation were associated with specific symptom patterns. For example, exposure to microwave signals was linked to symptoms such as ringing in the ears and pulses in the neck, while exposure to extremely low frequency (ELF) fields was linked to numbness in extremities and tiredness. The authors report that the application of SPIRO was successful in improving symptoms in 144 of the study participants. The authors suggest that further research is needed to understand the mechanisms underlying EHS and to develop effective interventions. 

Objectives: Administer the EHS Common Symptoms Questionnaire to Dr. Leal’s patients to analyze the results concerning their mental health conditions, including the severity of their depression, anxiety, confusion, and sleep disorders. The group of patients experiencing a range of EHS symptoms was offered the use of SPIRO as a potential intervention, and their progress was monitored for any changes or reductions in their reported EHS symptoms and mental health issues.

Subjects: 357 Cases (46 adult males / 189 adult females / 122 children) with manifested potential EHS conditions.


The effective range of SPIRO® products varies based on each product’s reach radius, which is determined by the number of films it contains. Each product incorporates a specific pattern of several round films, which constitute the patented SPIRO® material.

SPIRO® films, as a nanocomposite material, exhibit a residual magnetic dominance effect that extends several centimeters or meters, depending on the number of films within the product. It is important to note that an increased number of films not only extends the range but also enhances the magnetic force within the domain walls (Bloch walls), enabling the filtration of higher levels of electromagnetic pollution.

The quantity of SPIRO® films in a product is tailored to the type of emission it is designed to filter. This includes extremely low-frequency, near-field alternating current pollution, direct current emissions from electronic devices, far-field radio frequencies, microwave emissions, or a combination thereof. This specification is what we define as the SPIRO® Filtering Power.

Given that people typically move between various environments throughout the day—such as workplaces, public areas, and homes, particularly bedrooms—it is challenging to pre-determine the exact level of electromagnetic pollution an individual might encounter without a professional evaluation using specialized equipment and software. However, it is feasible to estimate an average exposure level and, based on this, determine the appropriate number and types of SPIRO® products needed to effectively filter both high and low frequencies from near- and far-field sources, such as a cellphone tower.

To accommodate these needs, we offer a range of products that vary in size according to the number of SPIRO® films they contain. This sizing is based on laboratory characterizations and confirmed through field testing. We understand the maximum filtering capacity of each product, including how much artificially polarized energy they can handle and at which frequencies a group of SPIRO® films can be most effective.

SPIRO® for Spaces Protection



SPIRO®’s protection system for general exposure to telecommunications (including 4G / 5G / WiFi / Bluetooth) in the environment, works through a cumulative effect of natural magnetic ordering that occurs once the SPIRO® material  (One or several SPIRO® Discs) is installed in a specific space.

SPIRO® discs are usually placed in each space of the enclosure in a vertical position, using a base that comes with it and facing the direction of the main sources of radiation that come from the outside, or direct sources of emission located in the space where the disc is located. The number of discs used or the power required varies according to the volume of electronics inside, the exposure near the building, the type of building, and the number of inhabitants in that space.

SPIRO® has proven to be effective not only in filtering pollution and protecting the health of the inhabitants of the spaces, but also has proven to be an effective improvement support for highly electrified smart homes and those connected with wireless surveillance systems.

SPIRO® for Direct Protection from WiFi or Mobile



The use of electronics such as mobile phones expose users to two types of radiation: high frequencies (due to telecommunications) and low frequencies (due to the use of electricity for its operation). For complete protection from both types of emission, the SPIRO® system must be placed near the emission source, so that the material can interact with the low frequency field that surrounds the device, as it works with electricity. Even if a SPIRO® user has a disc in a certain space that can protect them from 5G mobile broadcast, the user still needs a SPIRO® CARD to complete low frequency protection.


For Mobile Phones – SPIRO® CARD

For WiFi Routers – SPIRO® SQUARE

SPIRO® For Electrical Panel (ELF)



The use of alternating current in our homes and offices, solar inverters in buildings with solar panels, smart meters, electrical transformers, and household appliances with high electrical consumption generate significant low-frequency emissions that directly require the SPIRO® material interacting with the main power supply. In simple words, the SPIRO® material as a low frequency filter must be accompanied by the main electrical sources at home.


Magnetic Field Protection = SPIRO® DISC

Electric Field Protection = SPIRO® DISC / Multiple DISCs, as required

With both magnetic and electric fields, SPIRO® filters effectively protect you. The amount required depends on the field intensity to which the user is exposed, paying special attention to resting areas, where, once the electrical connections and ground connections have been optimized, the unavoidable emissions from the space are perfectly controlled and filtered with SPIRO®, all this following the ALARA principle (As Low As Reasonable Achievable).

STROOM MASTER® for Dirty Electricity Protection



In the case of the so-called Dirty Electricity (Harmonics and Transients) or interference in electrical wiring, the approach is the implementation of an electronic low-pass filter for all current frequencies above 60 Hz. Many of these electronic filters (Low-pass filters) exist on the market; however, these filters, due to their own operation, generate low frequency emissions that, paradoxically, add pollution to the environment. For this reason, we have created the STROOM MASTER®, which, as a low-pass electronic filter, we have manufactured it with the highest standards (certified by UL) and with sufficient microfarad power for proper operation; but, additionally, we have incorporated the SPIRO® material inside to filter the emissions generated by the operation of the device.

Dirty electricity is a problem of interferences that circulate in electrical wiring, adding stress and a disturbance that is distributed throughout the building, especially affecting homes and offices. These harmonics exponentially increase exposure to discordant frequencies that alter people’s central nervous and hormonal systems. Likewise, the quality of electrical power deteriorates and, in turn, affects the efficiency of the system, especially in:

  • Increase in electrical power usage
  • Increase in wear & tear on equipment
  • Utility penalties
  • Malfunctioning of microprocessor-based equipment.
  • Overheat the neutral, transformers, and motors.
  • Deteriorate power factor correction capacitors.
  • Peculiar operation of breakers and relays.


STROOM MASTER® Filters should be, ideally, installed in series: on average, one per workplace or per room in the building.

SPIRO® for Babies, Children, and Pregnant Women



Nowadays, the gestation and initial upbringing of babies are flooded with electromagnetic pollution, parents continually bring electronic devices such as Mobile Phones, electronic Tablets, audio assistants, and “smart” toys closer, all these devices, only due to their electrical operation, generate polluting fields that surround them. If, in turn, these devices have a WiFi, Bluetooth, 4G / 5G mobile connection, then there are also high-frequency radiation emissions that will be absorbed by the fetus or baby, as the case may be.

Mothers can make a significant difference by modifying technology usage habits, such as avoiding unnecessary proximity of their babies to such devices. However, sometimes this technological distancing is not possible and, with the passing of time, it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep infants away from this pollution.

The solution is to filter with SPIRO® all devices that are located near the baby and, additionally, parents should consider a SPIRO® DISC or one of higher power for spaces. The selection of the product depends on the proximity to semi-industrial type exposures, such as a 5G towers, high voltage lines, or electrical transformers.

Likewise, it is essential for the baby’s health that the mother, when she is away from home, to always carry with her greater protection that accompanies the baby in addition to the filters attached to the mobile phone. The health of pregnant women, infants, and children is especially vulnerable to the effects of Electrosmog due to their smaller, less dense, and more fragile bodies.

SPIRO® CARD (Mobiles and Tablets near the baby)
SPIRO® SQUARE (Baby Monitors and smart TVs nearby)
SPIRO® DISC (crib/stroller or diaper bag when outdoors)

SPIRO® for Sleep Quality Improvement


Electrosmog can negatively impact sleep quality in adults. To protect against these effects, the SPIRO® system offers a unique approach. SPIRO® filters are ideal to use near you while you sleep, as they can be placed under a pillow or at the bedside for multifunctional high and low frequency protection. 

In clinical studies, the nanomagnetic property of SPIRO® filters has been shown to improve sleep quality by increasing REM cycles, which is beneficial for memory, learning and emotional well-being. In addition, SPIRO® filters increase deep sleep phases, which is also crucial for cell regeneration and tissue repair. This can be evidenced by users through sleep monitoring sensors, such as OURA or others.

In cases of significant sleep disorders, insomnia, restless legs syndrome, and chronic intermittent sleep, greater efficacy has been proven by using the SPIRO® DISC PRO and SPIRO® DISC ULTRA filters. Depending on the case, it can take from 15 to 45 days to achieve significant metrics of sleep improvement when suffering from severe disorders. In summary, the use of SPIRO® filters can significantly improve sleep quality and, therefore, general health, which can be observed in the HRV (Heart Rate Variability).

SPIRO® for Electrohypersensitivity (EHS)



With SPIRO® Technology, we are proud to say that we have successfully treated over 1,000 EHS cases. EHS cases are a challenge for the people affected and their environment, and that’s why we have a suggested protocol for users with EHS and a suggested minimum amount of SPIRO® products, which may vary depending on the location and the individual’s work type, factors that can significantly increase the exposure that must be filtered. Often, some individuals with EHS don’t see improvement until their environments are completely controlled in terms of electromagnetic disturbances. These individuals can perceive momentary severe exposures when they wander the streets, suffering long-lasting symptoms. Some EHS cases may even present tinnitus and severe insomnia. 

For all the reasons listed above, the most sensitive individuals are recommended to use the SPIRO® DISC PRO within its suggested solution (the SPIRO® DISC ULTRA being the ideal when there’s insomnia or high proximity to 5G radio bases). This will allow the individual to use SPIRO® as a multifunctional health-promoting and protective tool. In addition, improvements in individuals can be measured by following a simple self-assessment protocol for common signs, symptoms, and sleep quality, which we make available to the them. We are committed to providing effective solutions to help people with EHS live full and healthy lives.

SPIRO® for Sports Performance Improvement



Being healthy and achieving optimal sports performance is increasingly difficult due to the fact that athletes live in environments polluted in multiple ways, such as indoor air quality, toxic chemicals, and, in recent years, the biggest silent aggravation is EMF pollution. The consequence is that athletes are losing physical faculties and are not reaching their maximum potential, this is especially true in high-performance athletes, where any small psychological and/or physiological stress can reduce their performance in their sports field.

To achieve maximum performance, an athlete needs to live in clean habitats with electromagnetic hygiene; To do this, they must pay special attention to filtering their daily-use electronic devices, cleaning the electrical current system (see section on dirty electricity), and ensuring an enhanced resting area with SPIRO® (see section on sleep quality).

With the SPIRO® system, the athlete will not only protect themselves from electrosmog, but will enhance all their biomarkers, improving their autonomic nervous system’s response and HRV (heart rate variability), as well as achieving a potentiation of their vitality and alertness in sporting activity.

The SPIRO® CARD can be placed in clothing or sports accessories for multifunctional protection of high and low frequencies. According to studies, individuals only filtering cell phone emissions with the SPIRO® CARD and using a SPIRO® DISC in the bedroom improved their sports performance. Data has indicated that it can take anywhere from 30 to 90 days to see such improvements in overall performance, with the benefits being amplified if adjustments are made to your technology usage habits and artificial lighting exposure. In summary, SPIRO® filters are a valuable tool to improve sports performance and general health.

High performance athletes can also choose the SPIRO® DISC ULTRA as a multifunctional health optimizing tool (See SPIRO® DISC ULTRA).

SPIRO® for Pets



Electrosmog is an increasing problem in our daily lives, and pets, especially those with smaller bodies, such as small breed dogs and cardiac sensitivities, are particularly vulnerable to it. Pets can be severely affected to the point of becoming ill from unknown causes or even developing cancer. Pets spend most of their time at home, at the level of electrical outlets, and dirty electricity in electrical wiring has a direct influence on them. Therefore, it is essential to filter your exposure to these electromagnetic fields present in all your environments. One way to achieve this is by serially installing the Stroom Master dirty electricity filters, which in turn contain the SPIRO® filters. In the same way, it is recommended that a SPIRO® DISC (minimum SPIRO® SQUARE) is placed in their resting area. With these filters, you can ensure a safe and healthy environment for pets at home, especially considering their physical vulnerability.

SPIRO® for Electric (EV) or Hybrid Vehicles



Electric cars (EVs) are increasingly present in our lives, but they also generate electrosmog. The most recent EVs, from 2021 onwards, have notably increased the number of sensors they use, and, with it, there has been an increase in high-frequency emissions from the vehicle, such as those at 13.56 MHz. Additionally, electric cars of well-known brands have shown remarkable improvements in the control of low-frequency EMI, however, it is not possible to make them emission-free: no matter how much EMI control is done by manufacturers, vehicle users will still have multiple exposures to electrosmog. 

According to studies carried out in NOXTAK, the exposures vary from one model to another, being the highest those from RF. For all this, a SPIRO® filtering power equivalent to a SPIRO® DISC PRO has been found as the ideal solution to ensure that users are protected in all uses of the vehicle, including when charging. Also, it is important to note that the SPIRO® DISC PRO has already been used in individuals with EHS and has proven its effectiveness in these types of users, who can now use EVs, which that was not possible before.

SPIRO® for Water Structuration



Water is the molecule that fosters life on Earth: it covers about 70% of the Earth’s surface, represents 65% of a human being and 90% of the macromolecules present in biological systems. If water did not exist, there would be no chemical reactions, nutrients and waste transport, etc. In a simple phrase: without water, there would be no life. Within the ambient temperature and pressure range, water is in three conventional physical states, plus one: solid (ice), liquid (liquid water), gaseous (water vapor), and semi-crystalline (biological/structured water).

Structured Water: It is a confusing term for many to describe an exceptional state of water. It is common today to speak of structured water, which is actually living water. The movement of water in a naturally swirling fashion is a common way of talking erroneously about structured water. Similarly, the solarization of water (placing water in the sun) is a way that is mistakenly confused with structuring. Both actions are good and beneficial for water, but they are not the structure we are talking about here. The use of magnets and current conduction are ways of structuring water, but that is not what we do here either.

With SPIRO® a natural nanomagnetic structuring is carried out that transfers a strengthening of the EZ (Exclusion Zones) magnetic domains and, with it, the information and natural structure of the SOI (Spin-Orbit Interaction) is also transferred following the QED (Quantum Electro Dynamics) of water. SPIRO® water promotes improved health markers, increases recovery of natural cell polarity, and provides greater voltage tolerance and immunity to Electrosmog, among other effects.

Comparative Analysis of EMF Protection Technologies

As the prevalence of electromagnetic fields (EMF) continues to increase due to the proliferation of electronic devices and wireless technologies, understanding how to effectively protect ourselves from EMF exposure has become a significant concern. This comparative analysis explores three primary EMF protection technologies: blockers, harmonizers, and SPIRO® filters.

Each approach offers distinct advantages and limitations in mitigating EMF exposure:

EMF Blockers create physical barriers to shield or block EMF radiation, but may inadvertently increase EMF emissions from certain devices and pose potential long-term health risks.

Harmonizers aim to balance negative ions and frequencies to mitigate EMF effects, but often only address symptoms without resolving deeper issues.

SPIRO® Filters, however, stand out by filtering and neutralizing EMF disturbances, restoring natural spin polarity, and promoting overall wellness without long-term negative effects.

This analysis aims to provide a comprehensive overview of these technologies, highlighting how SPIRO® technology not only offers effective EMF protection but also supports a balanced and healthier environment. It serves as a valuable resource for understanding the best options for EMF protection and making informed decisions to enhance well-being.

Aspects EMF Blockers Harmonizers SPIRO®
Primary Function Blocks or shields EMFs to reduce levels of exposure Adds negative ions and frequencies to counteract harmful effects of EMF Filter and Neutralizes EMFs disturbances by restoring natural spin polarity
Approach to Electropollution Creates a physical barrier against EMFs Focuses on alleviating symptoms of EMFs Inhibit arterial polarization on biological systems
Technological Basis Materials that absorb or reflect EMFs Ionization technology, natural frequencies or similar methods Ferromagnetism of Gold Nanoparticles to generate SPIRO® coherent fields
Short-Term Effects Temporary relief can vary in each individual; may lead to increased EMF emissions from devices Balance ions in the space and/or strengthen bodily biocamps using resonant frequencies Restore the balance of spaces, reducing noise levels and EMF disturbances
Long-Term Effects Alters microbiome and cellular communication affecting health and wellness Alleviates symptoms of EMF, but deep tissue damage persists Promotes wellness enhancement and increases longevity biomarkers
Risks Increase interferences in surroundings and causes more energy consumption It masks the problem by hiding the real damage at the cellular level None

More information about scientific documents and technical details on the NOXTAK corporate page.