Over the years, with the increasing massification of telecommunications and wireless technologies, concerns have arisen about the electromagnetic radiation these devices emitted. As a result of these concerns, many organizations have actively worked to find solutions that protect users from such radiation.

The growing demand for electromagnetic protection caused the market to be filled with endless alleged “solutions”. Some with a blocking approach, others simply implausible and pseudo-scientific.

For this reason, until very recently, the general conception of solutions for electromagnetic radiation was based on a totally blocking and anti-radiation approach, so they could not be called filters.

As it reads, an anti-radiation product is (or pretends to be) a shield that radically blocks radiation. Although the purpose is to protect against electromagnetic pollution, the approach of blocking it completely is not appropriate, since the blocking will always be partial and, therefore, there will always be a harmful emission coming out of the device. On the other hand, we have the so-called earrings, bracelets, stones, stickers, pyramids and so on that claim to be emitters of negative ions, positive energy, and allegedly absorb more than 99% of cell phone radiation.

These affirmations are highly dangerous because users have a false security of using the devices safely, believing that the harmful effects have been filtered out and removed, when they are only partially withheld or not filtered at all. People with electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS) admit they cannot use these solutions because, as they continue to be exposed to the harmful radiation still emitted by the devices, they feel ill.

Today, technologies such as SPIRO have shown that it is possible to filter the harmful effects of electromagnetic waves without having to block them. This new standard not only benefits users, who can use technologies without fearing adverse effects on their health or the environment, but also improves the quality of communications by cleaning artificial electromagnetic waves of the interferences and imbalances they carry at a fundamental level, improving the performance and lifespan of devices by preventing overheating and optimizing energy use.

For 20 years, the market has been flooded with anti-radiation solutions as possible shields to block electromagnetic waves completely, and even some of these solutions claim to block up to 99% or 100% of radiation, which is a false and impossible claim. If a product were to radically and completely block radiation from, for example, a cell phone, there would be no possible way for the device to work, as it would not receive the signals properly and, therefore, no longer serve its purpose.

The anti-radiation solutions that you will find on the market are made of a material that effectively blocks waves; but this generates failures in the transmission and reception of the mobile signal due to electromagnetic interference and, therefore, sometimes poor or no connectivity, greater heating of the device, increased use of energy, increased radiation emission, reduced battery life, static problems, and interference in the device’s own communications and neighboring devices. However, even with all these difficulties, the device works. So the total blockage they promise is a myth.

In our years of experience, we have dedicated ourselves to researching and testing endless solutions on the market. Anti-radiation solutions were some of them, and in multiple case studies, we have verified their adverse effects. However, it was these solutions that inspired us to continue researching to create an ultimate solution that would avoid the adverse effects of electromagnetic pollution and allow users to coexist and continue enjoying the technologies.

This is how SPIRO was born, which contrary to these presumed solutions, is the only scientifically-proven and certified solution to filter electrosmog. This technology works based on a passive electromagnetic filter principle; therefore, instead of blocking electromagnetic waves, it balances their charges, eliminates interferences, and produces a smooth, stable propagation that mimics natural electromagnetic fields.

SPIRO is the solution designed to filter the artificial electromagnetic polarization brought by the modulated wave that transmits the information between the base and the cell phone. It is the only way to use your electronic and wireless devices while protecting yourself from the athermal effects of artificial polarization.

The filtering effect is achieved because SPIRO exhibits a naturally polarized dominant field that exerts a dominant influence on artificial fields. That is why our hundreds of cases of electromagnetically hypersensitive users acknowledge being able to use the cell phone without any discomfort.

Our solution is compatible with all types of technology and not only protects health and the environment, but has also proven to be effective in optimizing communications performance, connectivity, energy savings, and, in addition, extends the useful life of electronic devices.

The use of SPIRO filters brings endless advantages for your health, the health of your loved ones, your spaces, and your precious technologies. Here are some of the advantages of choosing SPIRO:

  • SPIRO is the only solution scientifically proven and patented in more than 20 countries.
  • It works with all kinds of electronic devices and has around 12 applications in the industrial area.
  • It does not block electromagnetic waves, it filters them. SPIRO’s applied nanomagnetism causes electromagnetic waves from artificial sources to behave like natural ones, eliminating the high entropy chaos produced by artificial polarization, interference and the consequent imbalance of charges.
  • Improves heart rate variability, an important marker for measuring physical well-being.
  • Eliminates dirty electricity and the effects it causes on appliances, power lines, and the environment.
  • Studies have shown that SPIRO not only eliminates the symptoms of electrohypersensitivity, but also optimizes organic function.
  • Biophysical studies have shown that SPIRO produces a regulatory effect on the nervous system and the heart, decreasing the stress responses of the body’s bioelectrical system.
  • Technical tests support its effectiveness in improving the propagation pattern of wireless signals, guaranteeing more stable and better distributed connections.
  • Extends the life of your electronic devices by eliminating interference and optimizing their operation.
  • Reduces the energy consumption of your devices and appliances.
  • The SPIRO family is made up of products adapted to different uses and needs. You can take basic protection with you wherever you go, or completely cleanse your spaces with a mix of different solutions.
  • More than 1,000 case studies of electrohypersensitivity support it.
  • Certified by the IGEF and international independent laboratories.
  • Awarded multiple times.

SPIRO protects you easily and effectively against various types of electromagnetic fields of artificial origin, these are:

  • High-frequency fields: Includes waves from mobile communications, such as those from Wi-Fi networks, laptops, phones and wireless devices, radar, military surveillance, radio amateurs, television and radio.
  • Low-frequency fields: These are power lines in walls, electrical appliances connected to them, transformers, cables or high-voltage lines, substations, electrical installations, etc.


Now more than ever, in an increasingly technological and hyperconnected world, it is necessary to have electromagnetic protection that is capable of neutralizing the effects of daily exposure to artificial electromagnetic waves, which are highly harmful to our health, the environment, and the optimal performance of electronic devices.

Stress, irritability, depression, headaches, loss of concentration, tinnitus, sleep problems and other conditions can be consequences of constant exposure to electrosmog; not counting a huge list of long-term degenerative diseases that can be a consequence of cellular damage over the years.

Fortunately, SPIRO has proven in technical and biophysical studies to be the cleanest, healthiest and most effective solution for filtering electromagnetic pollution and completely avoiding the harmful effects it causes on health and the environment.

Among the benefits of SPIRO, the following stand out:

  • Its use promotes a recovery of the body’s bioelectrical system, improving the function and healthy communication of cells in the body. This occurs first by stabilizing the electrical potential in the cell membrane and the abnormal opening in the ion channels of the membrane, this process of cell detoxification and restoration happens gradually and varies in recovery time according to each case.
  • It produces an improvement in multiple common symptoms and signs associated with numerous diseases whose origin may have multiple causes, but the appearance of symptoms and the frequency with which the individual suffers from them are exacerbated by electromagnetic pollution.
  • It is a viable solution for individuals with electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS or electrohypersensitivity). Its effectiveness has been proven in various case studies and, on average, a significant reduction in symptoms and signs of EHS has been shown in a variable average period of 45 to 60 days.

Today, we are exposed to a myriad of environmental and public health threats, many of which are completely invisible. Electrosmog is one of these threats, which despite being dismissed for a long time, could undoubtedly become the cause of the next global public health crisis.

Electromagnetic pollution is a growing reality in our technified and hyperconnected world, and until now its harmfulness to the environment, ecosystems and human health has been proven. However, the idea of moving away from technology or stopping its progress to eradicate electrosmog is unrealistic and retrograde.

Taking this into account, it is more than necessary to have efficient, clean, healthy and safe solutions that allow us to eliminate electrosmog and its harmful effects while coexisting with technology and continuing to promote its progress. This is the premise on which SPIRO was created.

Electromagnetic pollution is present everywhere and anyone who uses technologies or lives near them is exposed to this threat. For this reason, electromagnetic protection is necessary for all people, spaces, and new technologies.

People suffering from EHS (electrohypersensitivity) are even more likely to physically suffer the effects of exposure to artificial electromagnetic waves, so it is recommended that they, especially, have full protection in order to live a normal life.

Electromagnetic protection is not only effective and beneficial for people, but also for the environment and all biological systems. By protecting your spaces, you will also be protecting your pets, plants and other small living beings from the effects of electromagnetic radiation.

Likewise, protection is also beneficial for technologies themselves, since electrosmog causes interference and imbalances that affect the operation of electronics, increase its energy consumption, and alter the wireless signals that communications devices and smart technologies require to function.

To better dispose of your SPIRO products, the first thing you should know is where the greatest sources of electropollution you and your family are exposed to. For example, you can start with the cell phone, which is the device that you probably use the most everywhere. To combat the radiation caused by your phone, you can place a SPIRO CARD between the case and the back of your phone. In this way, you will be protected from its emissions wherever you take it.

In your home, depending on how high-tech it is, you can define the areas with the highest emissions. For example, the kitchen with the microwave, the Smart Fridge, the dishwasher, and all other functional electronic devices. In this case, the kitchen has a high concentration of electropollution, and the microwave is the most powerful source. For this scenario, the recommendation is to place a SPIRO DISC under the microwave oven (main emitter), and its range of action will also cover the emissions from adjacent appliances.

For other important emitters such as the Wi-Fi router, the Smart Meter or an electrical panel, we also recommend using a powerful protection such as SPIRO DISC. And if what you are looking for is industrial-level protection for hyper-technified spaces or commercial premises, the SPIRO DISC PRO is the right option.

If your main concern is the office or the family room with the Smart TV and the video game console, a SPIRO SQUARE is what you are looking for. Place it next to your computer in the office or between your console and your Smart TV. If you are electrohypersensitive or want more robust protection because you use more technology than the rest, the SPIRO DISC can also help you.

To eliminate dirty electricity and low emissions in a room, the STROOM MASTER is the solution you need. Connect one every 18 square meters for ideal operation.

Finally, it is important to note that the SPIRO family works better together. So, if you want a home completely free of electrosmog, we recommend you go to our specialists, who with different products will put together the right solution for you and will tell you exactly where to place them and how to use them.

SPIRO products are unique in their functionality, as they DO NOT BLOCK emissions, but filter them and eliminate disturbances and interferences, neutralizing the harmful effects of EMF and making them compatible with our body’s bioelectrical system.

These products are easy to use. You should only locate them in the most polluted spaces and let them work.

SPIRO does not require batteries. The technology inside the product (the films) exhibits permanent and stable magnetic dominance behavior, and these properties are perfectly maintained as long as the product is well-preserved.

SPIRO completely suppresses (100%) the harmful effects of electromagnetic waves of artificial origin. Contrary to blocking or anti-radiation technologies, SPIRO is not limited to retaining a specific percentage of radiation so as not to affect the user or the electronics, but filters the waves, eliminating artificial polarization and interferences, and makes them behave as natural waves, similar to those produced by the earth.

Unlike blocking technologies, SPIRO is recommended for electrohypersensitive individuals, as it does not leave harmful radiation residues and favors their recovery, thus allowing them to use the technology freely.

By protecting any space from electromagnetic pollution with SPIRO, you guarantee greater durability to the appliances inside it, better quality of the wireless signal, and a better quality of life and rest for the people who live in it.

The best thing about a room completely protected by SPIRO is that you will not be limited in the use of technologies, since you will be able to use them freely in that space without fear of suffering any adverse effects.

The market is full of solutions for electromagnetic pollution. There are thousands of one dollar anti-radiation solutions, like mats and screens and paints; and there are also non-scientific solutions for a few dollars, such as stickers and small accessories. The truth is that there are so many things that users often get confused and make poor purchase decisions.

Among so many presumptions and differences in criteria and price in the market, there is SPIRO, a material created based on nanotechnology that has proven to be 100% effective in filtering (without blocking) artificial electromagnetic waves. SPIRO is the only scientifically-proven, certified and award-winning solution that is both effective and affordable.

Individually, in the SPIRO family you can find solutions in two price ranges:

  • Cheaper electromagnetic protection (less than $100): In this line, our personal protection filter enters: the SPIRO CARD. This is a specialized filter for cell phones and wearables that covers a range of one meter radius.
  • Higher power electromagnetic protection (plus 100$): The SPIRO SQUARE, SPIRO DISC and SPIRO DISC PRO, and the STROOM MASTER are located in this range.

The SPIRO SQUARE is a complement to the personal protection of the SPIRO CARD, but it has a greater filtering power that allows it to cover multiple personal devices at the same time, such as a computer and a VoIP phone.

The STROOM MASTER is a dirty electricity filter that is unique in its functionality, as it contains SPIRO material, which allows it to completely eliminate electromagnetic interference inside and outside the power line.

The SPIRO DISCs are the most robust protections in our catalog. Both are designed as protection filters for multiple devices at the same time, they have wider radius of action and higher filtering power. The SPIRO DISC PRO is considered a semi-industrial strength filter.

Now, if what you are looking for is total protection for you, your family, or your busiest spaces, we recommend putting together several of these individual solutions to build a mega solution adapted to your particular needs.

For example, you can get direct protection for your cell phone and other small personal devices, like a smartwatch and bluetooth headset, for less than $100. On the other hand, you can fully protect yourself from emissions in a 100% equipped office for less than $200.

SPIRO solutions have been developed with this type of particular needs in mind, so they are fully scalable and capable of filtering emissions from devices as small as headphones, up to industrial levels caused by emissions from heavy machinery, antennas, and many operating electronics at once.

Best of all, SPIRO is a one-time purchase, it does not require batteries or special activations, and the material has an estimated useful life of between 5 and 7 years.

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