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Protection at severe exposure levels by close proximity to Mobile Phone Towers, High Voltage Power Lines, Highly Emitting Industrial Machinery, and as a solution for electrohypersensitive (EHS) individuals with severe sleep disorders

Multifrequency Filter Protection for RFR / ESD / LF Magnetic Flux

The SPIRO® DISC ULTRA is a long range filter containing magnified properties (5 times more powerful than the SPIRO® DISC). It has been shown to effectively filter multiple disturbances and interference from severe EMF pollution emitters, making it ideal for commercial premises or to provide maximum protection to the most sensitive population, such as electrohypersensitive people with severe sleep disorders.



Protection from Direct Radiation Emissions: 

Severe sources of EMFs, such as electrical rooms, server rooms, public WiFi transmitters/hybrid and electric cars manufactured after 2020 / heavily polluted homes in the vicinity of cell phone towers or power lines.

Protection for Spaces: 

The SPIRO® DISC ULTRA also provides increased protection for home and office spaces against background radiation (far-field EMF) from multiple RF sources, including 4G and 5G, and machinery in industrial facilities.

As a wellness enhancement tool:

The benefits of the SPIRO® DISC PRO are amplified in the SPIRO® DISC ULTRA.

  • Placing the SPIRO® DISC ULTRA below the pillow will help individuals with more severe Sleep Disorders such as insomnia, promoting a faster restoration in the functionality of the nervous system (including brain activity), endocrine system, and heart rate variability. This helps recovering their health and quality of life with long-term use. 
  • The effect observed in water is stronger and happens faster with the SPIRO® DISC ULTRA than with the SPIRO® DISC PRO. The same happens with food preservation

For EHS cases:

SPIRO® DISC ULTRA is a reinforced and more powerful solution for electrohypersensitive people (EHS) who require a more powerful dominant field to stabilize their sensitive responses to electromagnetic fields. Case studies have shown that it amplifies the benefits of the SPIRO® DISC PRO and shortens the recovery time in important alterations of the brain activity, HRV index, and severe sleep disorders. Dozens of EHS cases use the SPIRO® DISC ULTRA as a permanent tool to live a normal life while using technologies, including EV cars, and other modern heavy polluters.

For individuals with EHS, the SPIRO® DISC ULTRA is part of a comprehensive environmental health approach that includes chemical and food sensitivities control, nutritional guidance, and advice on healthy lifestyles. The SPIRO® DISC ULTRA is the base SPIRO® solution for individuals with EHS; however, such individuals are frequently immersed in severe fields of pollution, and such spaces require SPIRO®’s multiple approach in ELF fields, high power density signals of radio frequencies, and microwaves.

How does it work?

The SPIRO® DISC PRO is based on NOXTAK’s patented and scientifically proven technology: a nanocomposite (nanotechnology) material that filters out the interferences and disturbances in artificially-generated EMF radiation by organizing radiation spins (Spin Radiation Organizer – SPIRO®), which makes it behave the same way as beneficial natural EMFs. 

This product contains 95 broad-spectrum SPIRO® films, giving it an area of protection of ​​6,400 square feet or 590 square meters from microwave background radiation.

Unlike anti-radiation products, SPIRO® DISC ULTRA is the only solution that protects you from both types of radiation generated by wireless devices, household appliances, office equipment, and highly polluting devices, while improving their connectivity, performance and energy efficiency. The SPIRO® DISC ULTRA has an amplified capacity dedicated to dealing with electrical current exposure problems (low-frequency electric and magnetic fields), simultaneously, it can filter larger high-frequency emissions from telecommunications.

In the case of low frequencies (ELF), the SPIRO® material of the SPIRO® DISC ULTRA must interact directly with the nearby emission of the ELF field. Only in the proximity of the low frequency field will its maximum performance be obtained. In other words, the SPIRO® DISC ULTRA must be within the near magnetic or electric field of the device.

How to use it?

This product contains a comprehensive usage guide and is usually sold together with a professional electromagnetic field assessment for near and far field exposure. Depending on the particular case of each user, our analysts will suggest a specific location for the product(s).

Likewise, it should be noted that the SPIRO® DISC ULTRA is the basis for semi-industrial solutions or high severity exposures, in which cases it is used in conjunction with other SPIRO® DISC ULTRA, and, depending on the case, they are used and placed in a specific way to get the maximum benefit and performance from the spin radiation ordering principle.

Field studies have shown that, as multiple discs are used, the benefits are the same, but the rate at which the treated area or affected individual fully recovers changes.

In 8 years of research with multiple SPIRO® DISC ULTRA in venues and different scenarios, no secondary or adverse effects have been reported due to the high accumulation of SPIRO®. Tests have been performed with up to 500 times the concentration of a SPIRO® DISC ULTRA. The reason for this is that SPIRO® presents unique natural properties coming from the alloy of multiple NPs (Nanoparticles) and, therefore, there are no contraindications.

To know more, you can send an email to support@noxtak.com


Benefits of the SPIRO® DISC ULTRA

  • All the benefits of the SPIRO® DISC PRO are amplified with the SPIRO® DISC ULTRA, according to studies conducted by IGEF and case studies in individuals with EHS.
  • Protects environments from high-frequency radiation from nearby sources or distant external sources (medium exposure from mobile towers or high-voltage lines).
  • Protects and filters ELF near-field emissions from the most energy-consuming devices (electrical panels, smart meters, major appliances, office machinery, servers, and surveillance systems).
  • Improves the diagram and propagation pattern of WiFi and Bluetooth transmitters, reducing the interference present and improving connectivity between devices.
  • It is capable of protecting from up to 3160 mV of dirty electricity, as long as the disc material is within the exposure field.
  • Efficient protection for multi-emission modern EVs
  • Efficient protection against severe cases of Dirty Electricity
  • Efficient protection in cases of exposure near high voltage lines
  • Efficient protection against cases of exposure near mobile phone towers

Clinical studies conducted with the SPIRO® DISC ULTRA in multiple exposure environments have shown that it is a perfect solution for improving sleep quality, especially when used near the head of the bed or even under the pillow. Additionally, multiple studies show that the SPIRO® DISC ULTRA is an efficient solution for severe cases of Electrohypersensitivity, promoting recovery of health indicators in individuals. Studies report greater and faster improvement than seen with the use of the SPIRO® DISC PRO in terms of HRV (Heart Rate Variability) and Stress indices. Likewise, improvements in the sleep pattern of users and a gradual decrease in symptoms and signs of electrical sensitivities are reported.



  • SPIRO® Filtering Power: 31.6 (95 SPIRO® Films)
  • Power Density RFR: 13,87 mW/cm² / 13.870.000 mW/m²
  • AC Electrical Field Capacity:  34.20 V/m (ELF)
  • AC Magnetic Flux: 950 mG / 95.0 uT 
  • Durability:  7 years (test in process)
  • Range of Action Radius: 52.49 ft / 16.00 m (Spherical) – Open space
  • Range of Action Diameter: 104.98 ft / 32.00 m (Spherical) – Open space
  • General Area of Influence: 8611 ft² / 800 m² – Open space
  • Film Frequency Range: 0 Hz to 1 x 10¹⁵ Hz (10 THz)
  • Films Curie Temperature: 1011.2 °F (544 °C)
  • Made for Telecommunications from 1 MHz to 100 GHz

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