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This kit has been specially packaged for protection against the electrosmog generated by multiple devices and wireless signals in homes with an average floor space of up to 2,500 square feet, in environments without walls or partitions. In protection against multiple high and low frequency electrosmog, the SPIRO® DISCs are the perfect solution for each main space of a home. Additionally, the SPIRO® DISC by itself, in their near field of action, constitute an efficient protection system against ELF from modern machinery, or to promote better states of deep sleep in bedrooms.

The items packaged in this kit are intended to ensure an electrosmog-free space when used correctly altogether. This solution is designed to protect your health, your spaces and your appliances from the harmful effects caused by the electrosmog from telecommunications and wireless signals.

SKU: SNSD-HRP6 Categories: ,


The SPIRO® DISC is a long-range filter containing magnified properties (6 times more powerful than the SPIRO® CARD). This product is designed to cover spaces or more powerful emitters of electromagnetic fields or work areas with a concentration of electronic devices; for example, a workstation, a home office, or near small production machinery. The SPIRO® DISC is also conceived as a space protector against external background emissions in homes and offices, multiple Wi-Fi signals, Bluetooth, cell phone towers, etc. This product contains 19 broad-spectrum SPIRO® films, giving it an area of ​​protection of 1700 square feet or 160 square meters.

Benefits of this kit:

  • Properly installed SPIRO® DISCs ensure stable electromagnetic hygiene in the building. Resulting in greater protection for the home, health of children, elders, and pets.
  • The SPIRO® DISCs promote clean telecom signal propagation, with less interference and telecom noise.


Protection from direct radiation emissions: 

Sources that produce higher levels of EMF, such as electrical panels, smart meters, commercial WiFi routers (high power WiFi 2.4, WiFi 5, WiFi 6) Bluetooth 5/hybrid cars, and standard EV cars manufactured before 2020.

Protection for Spaces: 

The SPIRO® DISC is also perfect protection against background radiation (far field electromagnetic fields) from multiple RF sources, including 4G/5G frequency bands in home and office spaces.

Benefits of the SPIRO® DISC

  • Protects environments from high-frequency radiation from nearby sources or distant external sources (medium exposure from mobile towers or high-voltage lines).
  • Protects and filters ELF near-field emissions from power-hungry devices (electrical panels, smart meters, major appliances, office machinery, servers, and surveillance systems).
  • Improves the diagram and propagation pattern of WiFi and Bluetooth transmitters, reducing the interference present and improving connectivity between devices.
  • It is capable of protecting up to 600 mV of dirty electricity present, as long as the disc material is within the exposure field.

All homes are different

Just like all people, all houses are different: different number of inhabitants, different needs, more or less devices, some are apartments, others are houses, some are in the city, others on the countryside… There are thousands of possible variations, and they are all important when measuring electrosmog levels in each home.

Based on our experience, we have designed this kit for a standard home with medium levels of electropollution. The products contained in this kit should be sufficient for a 2,500 square foot home with 4 occupants.

But your case could be different, as your house or family could be bigger/smaller, you could have an electrohypersensitive family member, or your house could be near a radio base station or power station. These are factors that could change the environmental conditions in your home, and we are here to help you determine what to add to this kit to achieve the best results.

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