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The SPIRO® DISC is a long-range filter that uses the natural nanomagnetic properties of the SPIRO® material (contained within it) to work as a passive filter for high-frequency telecommunications waves and low-frequency waves generated by alternating current. With a 23.6 foot (7 meters) radius of action, the filtering power inside the disc is six times stronger than that of the SPIRO® CARD. It is the ideal solution to filter the pollution produced by several household appliances together or a high-power WiFi router. It has the ability to filter the low-frequency fields of alternating current, so it can protect the inhabitants of a home from the emissions of Smart Meters or an electrical panel. It is recommended to place the SPIRO® DISC at least two meters from the devices whose emissions are to be filtered. This filter has not been found to affect the performance of the devices it is used with; on the contrary, laboratory tests have shown that it is fully compatible with them, optimizes their operation, and extends their useful life.


Radiation Protection for Home & Office Spaces

Multifrequency Filter Protection for RFR / ESD / LF Magnetic Flux

The SPIRO® DISC is a long-range filter containing magnified properties (6 times more powerful than the SPIRO® CARD). This product is designed to cover spaces or more powerful emitters of electromagnetic fields or work areas with a concentration of electronic devices; for example, a workstation, a home office, or near small production machinery. The SPIRO® DISC is also conceived as a space protector against external background emissions in homes and offices, multiple Wi-Fi signals, Bluetooth, cell phone towers, etc.


Protection from direct radiation emissions: 

Sources that produce higher levels of EMF, such as electrical panels, smart meters, commercial WiFi routers (high power WiFi 2.4, WiFi 5, WiFi 6) Bluetooth 5/hybrid cars, and standard EV cars manufactured before 2020.

Protection for Spaces: 

The SPIRO® DISC is also perfect protection against background radiation (far field electromagnetic fields) from multiple RF sources, including 4G/5G frequency bands in home and office spaces.

As a wellness enhancement tool:

  • Placing the SPIRO® DISC near the bedside promotes an improvement in brain activity and the functionality of the nervous system, as well as heart rate variability, which increases the quality of sleep
  • Placing the SPIRO® DISC below a jar of water or juice will increase the quality of water, producing structured water (4th Phase of Water). 
  • Placing the SPIRO® DISC in close proximity (below 6 in / 15 cm) to Fruits and Vegetables will promote longer preservation and better quality of the fruit (the more liquids and water in the fruits, the higher the preservation and enhancement). 
  • Placing the SPIRO® DISC in close proximity to wines will preserve and enhance the taste.  

How does it work?

The SPIRO® DISC is based on NOXTAK’s patented and scientifically proven technology: a nanocomposite material (nanotechnology) that absorbs and filters the micro-interferences and disturbances of the EMF radiation generated by electronic devices by organizing the radiation spins (Spin Radiation Organizer – SPIRO®), which makes these emissions behave as natural and beneficial electromagnetic fields do.

This product contains 19 broad-spectrum SPIRO® films, giving it an area of ​​protection of 1700 square feet or 160 square meters.

Unlike anti-radiation products, SPIRO® DISC is the only solution that protects you from both types of radiation generated by wireless devices, household appliances, office equipment, and highly polluting devices, while improving their connectivity, performance, and energy efficiency. The disc has an amplified capacity dedicated to dealing with electrical current exposure problems (low-frequency electric and magnetic fields), simultaneously, it can protect and filter larger high-frequency emissions from telecommunications.

In the case of low frequencies (ELF), the SPIRO® material of the disc must interact directly with the nearby emission of the ELF field. Only in the proximity of the low-frequency field will its maximum performance be obtained. In other words, the disc must be within the near magnetic or electric field of the device.

How to use it?

Smart meters:

Inside the building, on the reverse side of the smart meter. 


EV Car: 

Under the driver’s and co-pilot’s seats (1 piece under each seat)


Residential Electrical Panel: 

On the cover of the panel. 

WIFI Router: 

Under/above the router or in front/beside it. Use the installation kit. 

For Residential Spaces: 

In a central area, preferably near highly polluting appliances. 

Bedrooms / Resting areas: 

Near the bed, on a nightstand, or at the bedside. 

Work Stations:

On the desk, near the computer/s.

Protect Babies: 

Near the crib, on a nightstand, or at the bedside. 


Benefits of the SPIRO® DISC

  • Protects environments from high-frequency radiation from nearby sources or distant external sources (medium exposure from mobile towers or high-voltage lines).
  • Protects and filters ELF near-field emissions from the most energy-consuming devices (electrical panels, smart meters, major appliances, office machinery, servers, and surveillance systems).
  • Improves the diagram and propagation pattern of WiFi and Bluetooth transmitters, reducing the interference present and improving connectivity between devices.
  • It is capable of protecting up to 600 mV of dirty electricity present, as long as the disc material is within the exposure field.

Clinical studies conducted with the SPIRO® DISC in multiple exposure environments have shown it to be a perfect solution for improving sleep quality, especially when used near the bedside or even under the pillow. Additionally, multiple studies show that the SPIRO® DISC is an efficient solution for average cases of Electrosensitivity, promoting recovery of health indicators in individuals. The studies report a greater improvement than that observed with the use of the SPIRO® CARD and SPIRO® SQUARE in terms of HRV (Heart Rate Variability) and Stress indices. Likewise, improvements in the sleep pattern of users and a gradual decrease in symptoms and signs of electrical sensitivities are reported.


  • SPIRO® Filtering Power: 6,3 (19 SPIRO® Films)
  • Power Density RFR: 4,59 mW/cm² /  4.590.000 mW/m²
  • AC Electrical Field Capacity: 6.80 v/m (ELF)
  • AC Magnetic Flux: 189 mG / 18.9 uT 
  • Durability: 7 years (test in process)
  • Range of Action Radius: 23.6 ft / 7.19 m (Spherical)
  • Range of Action Diameter: 47.24 ft / 14.39 m (Spherical)
  • General Area of Influence: 1749.74 ft² / 162.56 m²
  • Film Frequency Range: 0 Hz to 1 x 10¹⁵ Hz (10 THz)
  • Films Curie Temperature: 1011.2 °F (544 °C)
  • Made for Telecommunications from 0.3 GHz to 25 GHz

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